Business School complex scheduling made easy directly in Salesforce

IHM Business School is dedicated to increasing the competitiveness of the Swedish trade and industry. IHM offers different educational programs, the range of programmes is aimed at both companies and individual professionals seeking ways to improve their business acumen. The subjects span between marketing & sales, leadership, management, communications, finance, and business economics.

Salesforce as central system

IHM made the decision a couple of years ago to use Salesforce as their central system for a vast area of topics; from recruitment and course administration, to finance and internal communication. In addition, IHM uses the Salesforce App Cloud to enhance the power of Salesforce with specific tooling which connects in an easy and reliable way. Since 2020 IHM has been using GoMeddo as the application to make the booking and scheduling of classrooms easy for its entire organization.

Make 22.500 combinations in an easy way

There are 22.500 combinations that can be made if you combine 150 teachers with 50 classrooms, divided over three locations. It’s key when scheduling and booking classrooms, that you make this complex task easily manageable with an application which can meet specific requirements for IHM and fully supports the thought of working from one central system.

Full integration via native GoMeddo app

Mickael Selander, team leader Digital Management at IHM; “After a short search on the Appexchange we encountered GoMeddo as a Booking engine which fully integrates with Salesforce. Using a native app was important for us so users could continue working from Salesforce as a central system, instead of working from different systems as we did for planning in the past. We wanted to boost efficiency and improve the user experience for our colleagues and students.”

Work with existing data

Because of the multiple custom objects in the IHM setup they needed a tool that could work with existing data within the IHM custom objects. After validation with the Salesforce account executive, who also recommended GoMeddo as a good candidate for IHM's scheduling needs, GoMeddo was fully integrated as the scheduling tool in the customized Salesforce ORG setup of IHM.

A clear single overview

Now having a single system, Salesforce and GoMeddo combine teacher, student and classroom availability and related capacity within a single platform. In a single overview IHM can now see students attending, related programs, grades of students all captured within existing reservations displayed on a calendar view/UI. The additional advantage of GoMeddo being a native app is that Chatter can easily be used by IHM departments and colleagues to communicate about reservations and bookings.

Future focus in usage

The usage of GoMeddo is expanded in the coming future with teachers being able to easily access their scheme via a Teacher portal in Salesforce. That wasn’t an option before GoMeddo, because IHM was working with different systems. Additionally IHM is going to launch the GoMeddo widget so students can easily book student meeting rooms themselves

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