Taking the work out of complex lodge reservation management and activity planning for The National Ability Center.

The National Ability Center is committed to serving their non-profit mission, providing a safe, inclusive, and uplifting environment for people with disabilities and experiencing the joy of recreation. With 1,300+ Lodge guests per year, they needed a new solution to overcome their inefficiency in managing reservations which hindered their operational capacity and staff scheduling.

Overcome operational challenges

Hannah Kuhnhausen, Sr. Manager of IT & Operational Excellence at The National Ability Center, embarked on a transformative journey with GoMeddo to overcome significant operational challenges. Their previous software for lodge reservations was cumbersome, involving manual counting and a lack of transparency. This inefficiency hindered their operational capacity, as Hannah emphasized the critical need for an improved system.

Clear goals 

Their goals were clear: enhance lodge reservation management and reporting, with a potential future expansion into staff scheduling. The discovery of GoMeddo, a native Salesforce scheduling and booking solution, marked a turning point. Hannah's interaction with the GoMeddo team reinforced their decision, highlighting the importance of customer support and a user-friendly interface in their selection process.

“For us in selecting GoMeddo as a potential solution, delivered on strategic goals like a 360 customer view and on practical benefits such as the easy to use calendar in Salesforce, the multiple calendar view, Google & Outlook integration and the ability to drag and drop or easily move and change reservations.”

Implementation and direct improvements

Implementing GoMeddo brought immediate and significant improvements. The intuitive calendar view and multiple user access streamlined their lodge reservation processes. These features were very well received, noting their impact on efficiency and the potential for further integrations. Daily usage of GoMeddo for lodging reservations received positive feedback for its ease of use and transparency, marking a stark contrast to their previous system.

“GoMeddo lets us easily manage our Lodge reservations, including the benefit of adding activities/catering service to the customer bill or scheduling maintenance. The double bookings of rooms are a thing of the past with GoMeddo.”

The impact of GoMeddo on the National Ability Center has been profound. The seasonal variations in their operations and the growth in adaptive services were well-accommodated by the solution. 

Looking ahead, Hannah envisioned automating certain processes and integrating staff scheduling into the system. The potential for these future integrations promises even greater functionality and efficiency.

Teamwork on customization

The National Ability Center satisfaction extended beyond the software's capabilities to its customization, ease of use, customer service, and overall value. The involvement of the GoMeddo team in the process further aided in customization and troubleshooting, ensuring a tailored solution for the National Ability Center's unique requirements.

The experience with GoMeddo exemplifies the importance of adaptability, customer service, and a user-friendly approach in selecting a software solution like GoMeddo. The positive financial impact of the solution, particularly in reporting and grant acquisition, further underscored its value.

Everything works in their own Salesforce environment

In conclusion, the journey of the National Ability Center is a powerful example of how GoMeddo as a native Salesforce reservation and booking system can transform an organization's operational efficiency. Today The National Ability Center handles hundreds of reservations per year with GoMeddo, connected to 20+ of activities which guests can plan. From initial challenges to delivering outcomes, their story highlights the importance of finding a solution that is not only about making a reservation, but also about adding efficiency, improving customer experience and user friendliness at the same time, all within their own Salesforce environment. 

More information about the National Ability Center and their mission to provide a safe, inclusive, and uplifting environment for people with disabilities?

Please visit https://discovernac.org/

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