GoMeddo is the trusted native Salesforce scheduling and booking solution. We provide rooms and facilities bookings, personalised appointment scheduling, activity scheduling and registration all in one system. This empowers clinics, healthcare and wellbeing organisations to double operations performance, improve customer experience and grow their business. And with all data safely stored in your Salesforce environment it’s ready for further engagement.

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Rooms and facilities bookings

GoMeddo's system monitors and updates room or facility occupancy levels continuously, ensuring efficient allocation and usage. Offering a variety of rooms, services, and assets based upon your business, GoMeddo caters to all your needs with customisable combinations. Use our intuitive calendars and reports for deeper insights and better planning. Maximise the usage of your medical equipment and facilities to its full potential.

Personalised appointment scheduling

GoMeddo pairs client or patient needs with the best available skills, locations, and services. Experience an optimised scheduling system that guarantees the perfect service appointment every time. GoMeddo provides recommendations based on historical data for a personalised experience. Every booking can kickstart service journeys in Salesforce, enhancing customer engagement and service experience.

Activity scheduling and registration

Revolutionise your activity scheduling and registration with GoMeddo! Our dynamic platform is designed to streamline the entire process, making it efficient and hassle-free. Whether you're planning a multistep procedure with successive steps, client intakes, or individual sessions, GoMeddo's intuitive system ensures a perfect match of participants, locations, and resources.

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See how you can easily schedule any (complex) patient intervention in Salesforce with GoMeddo.

GoMeddo delivers these


Maximise resource usage, eliminating double bookings
Create one central system in Salesforce
Provide a data secure and great customer experience
Works with any Salesforce cloud
No data loss

All-in-One scheduling and booking system for Healthcare

GoMeddo enables you to schedule complex treatments, automate routine tasks and simplify workflows. You can manage appointments, treatment rooms, healthcare experts and staff or any type of scheduling in one easy-to-use platform within Salesforce. Combine the flexibility and intelligence of GoMeddo with the power of Salesforce to improve customer experience, create efficiency, simplify and optimize planning.

Easy self-service bookings for clients

With GoMeddo's self-service option, customers can book from Salesforce Experience Cloud or directly from your website. They can select services, preferred skills, locations, and conveniently schedule appointments. GoMeddo remembers past appointments to streamline future bookings.

Scheduling multi step treatments in one go

Remove the burden of scheduling connected appointments. Automatically generate sub appointments to a general procedure appointment: Split a procedure into for example a reservation for an intake, treatment and recovery using the available parent/child reservation logic.

Outlook and Google calendar integration

Never miss a heartbeat with our direct sync and seamlessly with Google and Outlook calendars for a unified view of room and staff availability. One source of truth, no more double bookings or switching systems.

Simplify your IT landscape, keep data safe

Kick out the siloed point solutions with limited integration and high data security risks. GoMeddo is a native solution, so we work from your existing Salesforce Org. All data is stored in your trusted environment.

More on GoMeddo
  • Fully integrated with any Salesforce Cloud
  • 4,96 out of 5 star rating on the AppExchange
  • Handles thousands of bookings per day globally
  • Great addition for Salesforce Health Cloud
  • The leading  solution in Salesforce for room bookings, activity scheduling and personalised appointments.

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