Accommodation Management at Hult International Business School with GoMeddo

With campuses spanning Boston, San Francisco, Dubai, and London, Hult offers a truly global education experience. Their programs attract a diverse student body from over 100 countries, giving students the unique opportunity to rotate between campuses and immerse themselves in different cultures and learning environments.‍

The challenge
When Hult opened a new accommodation building at its Boston campus, housing a third of
its 1,000 students, they faced a daunting challenge. Managing room assignments for such a
diverse group required more than a basic booking system. They needed a solution that could
match students correctly and handle the complex variables that lead to this decision, like
program, year, gender, and personal preferences.
With these diverse criteria and a large student body, the complexity of scheduling increased
exponentially. For instance, managing 300 students with multiple matching criteria results in
millions of possible combinations and potential matches. This isn’t just about booking space;
it’s about ensuring the right fit to enhance the student experience, which is a crucial factor in
the success of a business school and its students. The need for a sophisticated, automated
system was clear.

Why Hult chose GoMeddo
After extensive evaluation, Hult chose GoMeddo. Alec Fisher, Product Owner at Hult,
explained why: “We looked at many vendors, but GoMeddo was the only one that truly
embraced the complexity of our needs. They weren’t just a vendor; they were partners.”
GoMeddo’s 100% Salesforce native solution integrated seamlessly with Hult’s existing
Salesforce platform and infrastructure, providing a comprehensive view of resource usage.
This integration meant that students could book rooms through the same app they used for
academic and social activities, ensuring a smooth, unified experience.

The Solution
GoMeddo’s innovative approach combined advanced resource management with custom
queries. By integrating student attributes, program details, and room availability, GoMeddo
enabled Hult to automate the matching process, ensuring the right student ended up in the
right room with the right roommate, all without staff intervention.
This system also supported dual occupancy rooms, assigning roommates based on criteria
automatically. This feature not only saved staff time but also ensured accuracy and
satisfaction in room assignments.

The Results
The impact was immediate and profound. Hult’s new accommodation building quickly
reached full capacity. The staff’s workload was significantly reduced and the building's
occupancy was optimised, especially during low seasons, which historically saw parts of the
building unused.
Moreover, the residential director and building management gained better visibility into room
assignments, improving overall management. Alec Fisher remarked, “This would have been virtually impossible without GoMeddo. Now, three years in, it continues to be a smooth experience for both staff and students.”

GoMeddo transformed Hult International Business School’s approach to student
accommodations. By integrating complex scheduling needs into Salesforce, Hult streamlined
operations, kept data safe in their trusted solution, and enhanced the student experience.

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