We have created three pricing packages which all have the scheduling and booking engine at the core. We're happy to run you through the options in person, but for an easy overview just scroll a bit down and see our 'Essential', 'Advance' and 'Business' packages to suit your needs.

Clear pricing to get you started

GoMeddo offers three solution packages which create great value in adding our scheduling and booking engine to your Salesforce environment. The Essential package gets you our powerfull scheduling and booking engine. The Advanced package delivers on top of that extra integration and UX functionality. The Business package combines Essential and Advanced functionality, whilst also adding the payment and subscription functionality to directly grow your business with.

Pricing of GoMeddo

Solution packages


5 users included, 30,- euro per extra user.
€ 695,-

/ month

Schedule and book directly in Salesforce
Included in essential:

  • Booking/scheduling in Salesforce
  • Floor plan visualisation
  • ‍Timeslot picker
  • Checkin/Checkout
  • Occupancy overview
  • Standard widget for use on website
  • Customer support via email


5 users included, 30,- euro per extra user.
€ 895-

/ month

Provide an easy scheduling and booking experience
Essential + additionally included in advanced

  • Expose functionality to website with API/SDK
  • Events functionality, including e-tickets
  • Calendar integration: Outlook/Google
  • Meeting integration: Zoom/Teams
  • Customer support via email and phone
Additionally included compared to
Essential package


5 users included, 30,- per extra user.

/ month

Grow your business with our full flexible booking engine
Advanced + additionally included in business:

  • Subscription and invoice management
  • Payments integration
  • Beta access to new functionality
  • Roadmap influence
  • Premium customer success support
Additionally included compared to
Essential + Advanced package

Add-ons and extension packages

Improve User Experience
Add GoMeddo functionality to your website

Push GoMeddo functionality to your website with our out-of-the-box widget. Use our front-end components API for a custom integration (pricing is based on use case).

Additonial costs, starting at

€ 50,-
/ month
Visual floorplan

Use the Floorplan add-on to visualize any office or event space and see occupancy or availability instantly, all connected with your GoMeddo scheduling solution.

Additional cost per month

/ user
Salesforce Experience Cloud

Make Salesforce functionality accessible to non-Salesforce users. We provide Experience Cloud named user bundles in bulk per 100 licences for personalized access.

Additional cost per month

€ 100,-
/ 100 licences
Grow your business
Subscription and invoicing management

Offer recurring contracts, licences and memberships with ease. Use our subscription management add-on to generate invoices from contracts, orders and subscriptions. Advanced Revenue and discount management allows you to manage your fast-changing contracts.

Additional cost per month

€ 29,-
/ user
Direct payment options

Create direct payment links in combination with our booking widget or subscription and invoice management package. The payment integration requires some additional set-up, which is dependent on your IT environment. We are happy to look into your use case.

Let’s dive into your use case!

Custom pricing

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