Maximising the UCYC Experience: Leveraging GoMeddo for Camp Planning Success

United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC) is a non-profit organisation that offers summer and winter camps for youth and young adults. UCYC operates camps in various locations in Arizona in the United States, providing a fun and safe environment for young people to engage in outdoor adventures such as sports, games, crafts, worship, and Bible study. UCYC also offers retreats and conferences for groups and other organisations.

Planning for a camp at UCYC typically involves a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who work together to create a meaningful and enjoyable experience for campers. Ensuring the safety and well-being of campers is a top priority, and thorough planning is essential to achieve this goal.

UCYC uses Salesforce to provide a single view for interactions with campers, organisations, volunteers, employees and other stakeholders. GoMeddo is chosen because it is native to the Salesforce platform and is the perfect solution for the organisation’s use case. It can handle complex bookings and gives the flexibility they are looking for. 

Complex bookings made easy

Booking a camp is complex because each location is different. Some locations are open at different times, there are different kinds of staff working on-site depending on the organisation and activities that have been booked. The camps have different capacities and the houses within the camps are suitable for different group sizes and so on. The pricing also differs per booking and the times a group wants to stay. 

Tracking numbers: informed decisions and 30% growth

GoMeddo sets up UCYC for success by enabling the usage of historical data. Roosevelt Woods, Chief Advancement Officer at UCYC "We can help them to estimate the number of registrars for future events and by anticipating this, the organisations that booked a camp can offer their guests a better camping experience. We’ve seen an increase of 30% during our winter camps”.

Implementation with the GoMeddo team

We’re a non-profit organisation with limited resources so it was challenging for us to do the implementation ourselves. However, the GoMeddo team was amazing and despite being in different time zones, the GoMeddo team gave great support, and the implementation guide and available documentation were also really helpful.

“We’re building and optimising our Salesforce environment as we speak, and GoMeddo will continue to play a huge role in it. We are now researching the possibility to use the Floorplanning add-on to give our stakeholders an even better experience, and this is only the beginning”.

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