The GoMeddo JavaScript SDK

Integrating GoMeddo into your website can be a powerful way to streamline your business operations and provide a better experience for your customers. However, integrating with the GoMeddo APIs can be more complex and time-consuming as you're building a fully customized solution. That's where the GoMeddo JavaScript SDK comes in.

The GoMeddo JavaScript SDK is a package that simplifies the integration process and makes it easier to communicate with your GoMeddo implementation on Salesforce. It provides standardized ways for you to find resource records, create reservations, update records, and a lot more, really easy. 

You can use the SDK to search for resource records that match certain conditions, find resource records available within a time range and the time slots those resources are available for, see what services are available for each resource and when, create a reservation with an attached lead/contact and service reservations, find reservation records matching certain conditions, update and delete them and run the GoMeddo price calculation without inserting the reservation.

While the GoMeddo JavaScript SDK offers a powerful integration solution, it does require coding and the assistance of a frontend developer. This means that if you're not familiar with web development or JavaScript, you may need to seek outside help to take full advantage of the SDK,  or explore other integration options, such as the GoMeddo widget.

Whichever option you choose, integrating GoMeddo into your web application is a smart business move that can help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals.

To get some feeling on what’s possible to do with the SDK, see below the example which was created by our customer Tribes using the GoMeddo SDK. 

To get started with the SDK check out our documentation.

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