Scheduling examples and use cases with GoMeddo!

There are many scheduling solutions out there! But which one is the best for you? Let's dive into some scheduling examples to see how GoMeddo can facilitate you!

GoMeddo supports appointments, events, jobs / shifts and any other planning / scheduling use case.

Let’s have a look at a few examples to see what you can do with GoMeddo's scheduling engine!


  • Schedule in-store appointments, potentially with a different duration and requiring employees with different skill sets.
  • Send out automated emails to guests and automatically sync the appointments to your Staff’s Outlook or Google calendars.


  • You can set up an Event, send out invitations with a QR and register who attends.
  • Assign available Staff members to make sure the event runs smoothly and your employees don’t get double booked.
  • Check which Event Spaces are available and fit the Event requirements for the perfect match.
  • Book audiovisual equipment (based on available inventory) and catering to your events, which trigger automated notifications to the appropriate internal departments.
  • Link the Event to an Opportunity to support the Sales process, generate a Quote or integrate further with Salesforce CPQ.
  • Automatically generate a Banquet Event Order for your employees so they know what to do, when and where.

Jobs / shifts

  • Generate Shifts for Jobs that you are already tracking in your own custom object. Expose these Shifts to a Digital Experience where your flexible workforce can register for each shift. Or use our Custom Form Logic to automatically assign the most relevant (based on skills) and available Staff members. Track the hours your employees have worked, and automatically push this into your Payroll system.

Health care

If your company provides health care services and has clinics all over the country, there are a few thing that GoMeddo can help you with!

  • Each clinic can have its own set of employees, and provide a specific set of treatments. If some treatments require dedicated rooms with dedicated equipment and skills to operate that equipment, GoMeddo can track all these aspects, and automatically assign the most appropriate resources for each treatment.

Car fleet and technicians

  • Track your internal fleet of cars which are stored in your already existing ‘Car’ object. This object contains a lot of automation and validation. GoMeddo lets you create a calendar for those cars within minutes, allowing you to now easily track and schedule where and when they are used.
  • Conflict checking makes sure that you cars can’t be double booked.
  • Whenever a car needs maintenance, you can easily assign a technician with the appropriate skill set, as well as the equipment and adequate bay to perform repairs. Technicians use the Salesforce Mobile app to get notifications around repairs, and see a history of vehicle maintenance.

Entertainment Palace

If your business consists of bowling alleys, a kart racing track and a restaurant, you can track all of these services from one place, and let your customers book online. They can do this by using our OOTB widget, or create a custom front end, fully embedded in their website.

Holiday park activities

If your holiday parks across the company attract hundreds of families every weekend and you provide a plethora of activities to keep them happy during their stay, GoMeddo lets you define activities and when they are planned. Using the widget or integrated in your park’s mobile app, guests can:

1. See these activities

2. Register for them

3. Pay directly

Whenever a guest contacts your customer service, they have a 360 view of the guest experience and can help your guests quickly and efficiently!

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