Group25 extends collaboration with MGF to accelerate international growth of GoMeddo.

In 2009, Gen25 (part of Group25) was the first Salesforce consultancy partner in the Netherlands. Gen25 has had a strong position in the Salesforce network from the start. This unique position, together with the rapid growth of the CRM platform boosted the growth of Gen25.

In order to optimally respond to the high demand for digital transformation in combination with the flexibility of business models, Group25 has also been developing applications or ‘apps’ on the Salesforce platform since 2015. The goal is to increase international expansion of these apps. This ambition can be realized with a new investment, which is realized in a renewed partnership with investment partner MGF.

This new injection of growth capital is not the first collaboration with MGF. In 2015, MGF already joined Group25 as a shareholder by providing growth capital. Since then, the organization has grown almost tenfold. MGF's new investment will allow the company to further accelerate growth, especially in the applications area. The leading role is reserved for GoMeddo, the native Salesforce booking platform that is already used in several sectors worldwide.

Gijs Martens, CEO and founder of Group25

“We see an increasing demand for smart digital solutions, even more than 2 years ago - before Covid-19 - companies are looking for integration options to create a digital platform.” Salesforce now has a global market share of more than 20% when it comes to CRM platforms and is by far the world market leader. Research shows that 90% of organizations that use Salesforce, also install an officially certified app from the Salesforce Appexchange to further optimize the platform.

“We are responding to this with the further expansion of GoMeddo, because the economy is not only becoming more digital, but also more flexible. Servitization, on-demand economy and other usage-based business models are popping up everywhere. Just think of meal boxes, bicycle subscriptions, private lease options and flex offices. To run this business smoothly you need an application that combines the power of Salesforce with the ability to make complex planning issues simple for customers and employees. Thanks to GoMeddo, the entire value chain of a flexible business model can be supported on the Salesforce platform. I am pleased that with the new investment from MGF, we can further expand our strong position”

Stefan Damen, partner at MGF, about the investment

“Group25 is a distinctive player in this market segment with Gen25 and applications such as GoMeddo. Salesforce is a global leader in cloud-based CRM software and the market for it continues to grow. In combination with the professional approach and organization of Group25, we foresee many further growth opportunities. We are very happy with the natural partnership that we have been able to shape with Gijs Martens and are therefore excited to support Group25 in this next phase.”

The additional investment in Group25 to boost the growth of GoMeddo was picked up by several media platforms (click to read).

GoMeddo is a valued application in the Salesforce network around the world (click to read):

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