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With Salesforce-native booking software tailored to your unique specifications to manage reservations of any type.

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The flexible business engine in Salesforce

Combine the flexibility and intelligence of GoMeddo with the power of Salesforce to create a full recurring business cycle in 5 steps:

1. Schedule
Make your rooms, facilities, resources and people directly available in Salesforce for easy scheduling

2. Book
Let customers or employees easily book based on availability and needs. Use our UX functionality to tailor the customer experience.

3: Confirm or pay
Send out a direct confirmation via email or e-ticket, push a payment request or invoice. Manage subscriptions connected to bookings.

4: Report
Instantly use customer data in Salesforce, create insights and performance dashboards

5: (Re)engage
Personalise offering and engage customers using your Salesforce platform with data from GoMeddo bookings.


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