Personalised appointment scheduling

Discover the joy of hassle-free scheduling with GoMeddo! Our innovative platform transforms the way you book appointments, making it a personalised and seamless experience. Say goodbye to the chaos of managing multiple calendars and hello to a world where matching your needs with the perfect service is just a click away.

Personalise service with GoMeddo smart appointment scheduling

GoMeddo is a native Salesforce solution which means all scheduling and booking information is in one system. No information loss, eliminate double bookings, no confusing switching between systems. Enhance efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and streamline operations in Salesforce, you can with GoMeddo.

1. Schedule
Make your rooms, facilities, resources and people directly available in Salesforce for easy scheduling.

2. Book
Let customers or employees easily book based on availability and needs. Use our UX functionality to tailor the customer experience.

3: Confirm or pay
Send out a direct confirmation via email or e-ticket, push a payment request or invoice. Manage subscriptions connected to bookings.

4: Report
Instantly use customer data in Salesforce, create insights and performance dashboards.

5: (Re)engage
Personalise offering and engage customers using your Salesforce platform with data from GoMeddo bookings.

Pricing of GoMeddo

Solution packages


5 users included, 30,- euro per extra user.
€ 695,-

/ month

Schedule and book directly in Salesforce
Included in essential:

  • Booking/scheduling in Salesforce
  • Floor plan visualisation
  • ‍Timeslot picker
  • Checkin/Checkout
  • Occupancy overview
  • Standard widget for use on website
  • Customer support via email


5 users included, 30,- euro per extra user.
€ 895-

/ month

Provide an easy scheduling and booking experience
Essential + additionally included in advanced

  • Expose functionality to website with API/SDK
  • Events functionality, including e-tickets
  • Calendar integration: Outlook/Google
  • Meeting integration: Zoom/Teams
  • Customer support via email and phone
Additionally included compared to
Essential package


5 users included, 30,- per extra user.

/ month

Grow your business with our full flexible booking engine
Advanced + additionally included in business:

  • Subscription and invoice management
  • Payments integration
  • Beta access to new functionality
  • Roadmap influence
  • Premium customer success support
Additionally included compared to
Essential + Advanced package

How does GoMeddo perform compared to other scheduling, booking and reservation solutions?

Wondering what sets GoMeddo apart from other scheduling solutions in Salesforce? Let's dive into the key differences highlighted in our comparison sheet! Let us show you why GoMeddo stands out as the preferred scheduling solution in Salesforce.

If you're curious to explore further and see how GoMeddo can revolutionize your scheduling processes, click the button below to schedule a meeting with a member of our sales team.

Native Salesforce
Complex Multi Dimensional Bookings
(1 to 1)
(1 to many)
Jobs & Shifts
Website UI / Experience Cloud
Lightning Scheduler
Field Service Lightning

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