Advanced scheduling and efficiency with an optimized experience for veterans

The Wounded Warriors Project (WWP) started in 2003, providing care to hospital bedsides for the wounded warriors returning home from their missions. Over time WWP upgraded its support packages, and today they provide programs related to mental health, career counseling, and long-term and rehabilitative care while they make advocacy efforts. As a result, they succeeded and improved the lives of millions of warriors and their loved ones, making them build strong coping mechanisms. GoMeddo enables veterans to connect with specialists for specific needs and helps WWP organize and schedule their services.

Scheduling Challenge

To make processes more efficient and to offer their members more convenience WWP was looking for a new way of managing and scheduling sessions between warriors and specialists. 

Their previous solution was no longer serving their needs and was not agile enough to make simple changes, given that it was not Salesforce native or reliable.

The Solution  

The main requirement was that the new system would be easy-to-use, user-friendly, and flexible in supporting the warriors and the WWP team in a holistic scheduling journey. 

Highlights & Results

GoMeddo's Native Salesforce scheduling engine was able to serve their need and offer the below functionality. 

  • Track the veterans' and specialists' availability 
  • Assign a veteran to a specialist based on their skillset
  • Move a session or series of sessions to another specialist
  • Reschedule or cancelation
  • Automated e-mails 
  • Track session status and updates
  • Connect to Outlook calendar and individual teammates' calendars
  • Personal information about the appointment it's not disclosed 
  • Conflict checking & preventing scheduling conflicts with Outlook 
  • Have all the reporting on Salesforce 
  • Track capacity and caseload per team or specialist 

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