GoMeddo is the Salesforce booking app with endless possibilities for all your resourcing and booking needs. Our developers leverage the power of Salesforce to make any booking requirement a possibility. Scroll down and explore all features that GoMeddo has to offer.

We build what you need

GoMeddo is continuously innovated by a talented team of developers. This has resulted in various Add-ons that will enable you to generate even more value from your GoMeddo Solution. These Add-ons can be customized for your specific use case.

Create your perfect event solution in Salesforce

GoMeddo Events is the Salesforce event management and registration app which combines ease of use with solving all your event management needs. It offers a range of features to enhance event organisation and registration processes. The platform is designed to deal with various types of events and provides a user-friendly experience for both event organisers and attendees.

Front-end components API

We all know customers, clients or employees like convenience. Use GoMeddo to make booking, planning or scheduling more easy on your website or webportal. You can push GoMeddo scheduling functionality to your website with our front-end components API.


GoMeddo provides various ways to make your booking system accessible to your customers, the most user-friendly is the GoMeddo widget. Add our out-of-the-box widget to your website and optionally integrate any payment service provider to the check-out flow.

Visual Floorplan

Use the Floorplan add-on to visualize any office or event space and see occupancy or availability instantly, all connected with your GoMeddo scheduling solution in Salesforce.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Use Salesforce Experience Cloud in combination with GoMeddo to make Salesforce functionality accessible to non-Salesforce users. We provide Experience Cloud named user bundles in bulk per 100 licences for personalized access.

Subscription and invoice management

Use our native Salesforce subscription management add-on that generates invoices from contracts, orders and subscriptions. The process of recurring orders provides your customers with periodical and one-time invoices, allowing you to track whom to invoice each month. Offer recurring contracts, licenses and memberships with ease.

Advanced Revenue and discount management allows you to manage your fast-changing contracts. Subscription-based models can sync invoices directly into your administration software such as Twinfield, Findock and Exact Online. Integrations with other finance software can be added on request.

Extensive reports allow in-depth insights into any process. See future invoices to do better forecasting on existing contracts. Get better insight into ARR and MRR (Annual and Monthly Recurring Revenue) per customer and product!


The payment Add-on is an API layer that allows you to integrate quickly and easily with multiple payment service providers. You can grow your business with direct payments on your bookings. You can bring your own payment provider like Adyen, Stripe, six payment and Ingenico. The payments add-on is offered in combination with our booking widget or subscription and invoice management add-on.

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