Do you provide payments to your booking flow?

If you offer a self-service booking flow to customers you usually want to complete the booking cycle by providing payments and capture this information in your Salesforce environment.

GoMeddo offers both direct payments and invoicing capabilities!

We recognise the fact that a lot of our customers already have a payment service provider (PSP). With the desire to stay flexible and not force our customers to a PSP that we choose for them, we integrated with a number of PSP’s via our GoMeddo payment module. This module currently supports Adyen, Six payments, Stripe and Ingenico. Because we do not host any of the payment pages the data flows directly into the customer’s own account.

It is quite important to know if a booking has been paid and what the amount was for these bookings! This allows you to close the cycle of the self-serve booking offering a complete experience to your customers.

GoMeddo calculates the price of booking based on pricing rules that can be configured. You can implement any custom pricing you might have but we also package default pricing rules for example Per person, per hour or a combination of those. 

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