Data Migration

A significant portion of GoMeddo’s configuration relies heavily on data. Not only are your records essential for scheduling within GoMeddo, but a substantial part of the configuration is also stored in objects. This approach provides flexibility, allowing GoMeddo admin users to configure the system with the minimal technical expertise required. We are gradually transitioning some of our technical configurations to Custom Metadata and providing interfaces to our customers for managing them. This migration is an ongoing process and remains a priority on our backlog.

When working with multiple environments, storing data in objects can present certain challenges. The configuration must be migrated between environments, resulting in additional implementation time. To address this, we have always advised our partners to assess the impact of such migration. For smaller implementations, a manual step is often included in the deployment instructions by recreating the data. For larger implementations, we recommend using data loaders or deployment scripts.

However, we recognized the opportunity to improve this process. Thanks to the SFDX Data Move Utility (SFDMU), we are now able to provide our customers and partners with scripts to migrate their data seamlessly across environments. This means that a one-time setup can be replicated across multiple environments, offering several benefits:

  • Reduced implementation costs
  • Minimized errors in identical implementations
    Ability to process deltas and update one environment, running the script to reflect the new settings in other environments as well
  • SFDMU handles object dependencies effectively

As part of this improvement, we have created a two step  migration approach. The first step focuses on the configuration objects within GoMeddo, encompassing all the essential settings that make your GoMeddo implementation unique. The second step is designed for plannable data, including resources, staff, groups, and their corresponding availability. The steps are structured in a way that ensures the transfer of any custom fields created on the objects, allowing you to migrate all your data from customizations effortlessly.

By segregating and encapsulating this data separately, we offer a comprehensive solution for seamlessly transferring all your GoMeddo-related information. Furthermore, this solution is extensible, accommodating the specific needs of your organization.

Whether you are transitioning to a new GoMeddo implementation or upgrading your current setup, adopting this standardized approach will greatly simplify the process. Say goodbye to the tedious and error-prone manual data transfer methods of the past, and embrace the efficiency and reliability of our new data migration solution!

If you want to learn more about it, check out our documentation


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