The demand to work more efficiently and create a personal experience at the same time is a challenge. Schedule and manage bookings in one easy-to-use platform that aligns teacher, student and classroom availability.

Course management using legacy systems can be clunky and adapting to constantly changing factors, such as teacher sickness or classroom availability, can be challenging and resource-heavy. Meanwhile, teachers and students need visibility over their schedules and to know where to go when changes happen. Let’s live up to these challenges! With GoMeddo you can manage courses, classrooms, teachers and staff or any type of scheduling in one easy-to-use platform within Salesforce. Combine the flexibility and intelligence of GoMeddo with the power of Salesforce to improve customer experience, create efficiency, simplify and optimize planning and improve education.

Why GoMeddo for education?

Trusted Salesforce booking and scheduling app, full 5 star Appexchange rating
Connect customer and booking data to accelerate data-driven or AI solutions
Native Salesforce application with scalable booking framework 
Intelligent availability lookup
& conflict detection
Industry expertise and use cases
with proven value
Suitable for all organizations, no limits on bookable items, services or reservations.

Increase efficiency

GoMeddo is a native Salesforce application in which your staff, teachers or other professionals can easily manage appointments, courses, classrooms, schedules or bookings. It’s suitable for organizations of any size, with no limits on the number of bookable items, services or reservations. Teachers can mark attendance, send homework, share information and schedule classes all in one interface making course management a breeze. Your contact, student or customer data is stored in Salesforce and ready to use for further engagement. Send automated confirmation and reminder emails to ensure your contacts don’t forget their booking.

  • Native Salesforce application, built on the leading CRM-platform 
  • Unlimited bookable items, services, appointments or reservations
  • Booking data is contact data and instantly stored in Salesforce
  • Send automated confirmation and reminder emails

Improve user experience

Make selection and booking easy. Integrate GoMeddo on your website with a standard widget, event page or our web front-end components API. Generate QR-codes or e-tickets for easy access of customers. Incorporate bespoke filters, multiple calendars, multiple languages and currencies for a completely tailored appointment management system. Present your business exactly as you want it with custom branding for a seamless experience. GoMeddo can be easily integrated with Salesforce Experience Cloud for an optimized digital experience. Simplify communications with automatic booking confirmations and notifications for customers or clients and employees. 

  • Integrate GoMeddo with your website or Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Generate QR-codes or e-tickets for easy access
  • Communicate timetable, room or teacher changes through a connected student app
  • Profit from fast adoption for Salesforce users

Simplify and optimize planning

Use GoMeddo's multi-dimensional booking intelligence with unlimited variables, to manage any kind of resource such as staff, projects, spaces or locations. With timetables, course materials and student/teacher messaging all in one platform there’s no more crossed wires or lost communications. Intelligent recommendations based on custom parameters make the best use of resources. The most appropriate classes and teachers are suggested based on attributes such as apparatus, room-style, availability, location, skillset and qualifications. With pre-defined reservation types, you can easily manage group bookings for events, classes or selected target audiences. Multiple pre-made Salesforce reports & dashboards are available out-of-the-box and allow you to make decisions based on real-time data.

  • Manage teacher, student and classroom schedules in one single user-friendly platform 
  • Reduce the burden on administrators through auto-population of bookings
  • Easily manage group bookings for classes, events or selected target audiences
  • Multiple pre-made Salesforce reports & dashboards are available

Grow your business

GoMeddo connects customer and booking data within your Salesforce CRM. Bookings are no longer stand-alone appointments, they can be the starting point of marketing journeys as new customers become leads. Customer experiences become more manageable with all conversations, bookings and sales visible in a single platform. This makes it easier to directly provide additional services based on a customer profile or (re)engage in the future. Directly add payment options to your bookings or offer a subscription or invoice to drive revenue. 

  • All conversations, bookings and sales are visible in a single platform
  • Turn appointments, bookings or reservations into leads
  • Gather data and (re)engage based on real-time customer booking data
  • Increase revenue with payment, subscription and invoice options

Provide security

As a native Salesforce booking application GoMeddo had to pass a strict Salesforce security review that tests the security posture of the solution. All data is stored in your Salesforce environment and we do not monitor this for any purpose. As a company, we do not have access to your customer or booking data. GoMeddo is compatible with Salesforce Shield encryption software, assuring trusted data monitoring and securing cloud apps faster.

  • GoMeddo is an official Salesforce certified application
  • All data is stored in your Salesforce environment
  • GoMeddo is compatible with Salesforce Shield encryption software

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