From quotation to reservation with GoMeddo

GoMeddo for the weekly scheduling of ESH Media’s advertising boards

ESH Media, specialist in outdoor advertising, has been helping companies to be seen for 25 years now. Their expertise lies in high visibility, for this they use a variety of ‘signs along the roadside’ Using double-sided A0 displays, triangular signs and moving billboards, they display campaigns for major companies, local businesses, municipalities and authorities (such as the national drink-and-drive-awareness campaign).

ESH Media provides national outdoor advertising. They hire out ‘out-of-home’ locations every week in strategic locations, in order to create maximum visibility and high frequency of contact. The aim is not to have empty signs, of course, so it is up to the team of account managers and sales support to ensure that all locations are booked on a weekly basis. In order to make all necessary arrangements in an orderly manner, ESH Media entered into the collaboration with GoMeddo.

From quote to booking with GoMeddo

In order to guarantee maximum visibility for their customers, ESH Media rents out the locations per region and per series (x number of signs). These series are all easy to filter in GoMeddo. Different colours indicate whether a quotation has been made, whether that series has an option or whether a final booking has been made. Bookings can easily be relocated, or extended in terms of the date, in order to guarantee flexibility for the sales team and the customer.

All teams are now able to see at first glance whether the locations have been hired out and to whom. This information can then be used by the DTP (Design & Print) department, which is able to ensure that the correct campaigns are being designed and printed. Here, GoMeddo replaced an Excel file and the manual entering of the same information in different systems.

Using all GoMeddo functionalities

“We are currently working with 16 GoMeddo licences, and the tool was relatively easy to set up in collaboration with the GoMeddo team. In the future, we will start to further extend the reports, link the schedule on GoMeddo and start to tackle the possibility of double bookings, because all this is possible in GoMeddo”, explains Sanne Damman, Process Manager for ESH Media.

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