How to manage your events with GoMeddo

GoMeddo is excited to announce our newest addition to our package: GoMeddo Event Management. This all-in-one solution simplifies event creation, management and ticket sales, making it easy for customers to plan and execute successful events. You can easily set up an event within 10 minutes.

With GoMeddo Event Management, customers can easily create and manage events in Salesforce. This event will generate a white labeled website for each event with custom logos, colours, and pictures, where visitors can book their tickets for the events. You can create sub-events under the main event, set pricing, and specify the quantity of tickets available for purchase. The website automatically updates the availability of the events in real-time, ensuring that customers cannot select events that are no longer available.

Users can purchase tickets without needing to create an account or log in. After selecting the desired event, they only need to provide their name and email address and proceed to payment.  Once payment is complete, a confirmation email with a ticket and terms and conditions is sent to the customer. If a customer selects a free event, they will not be prompted to pay but will still receive  a ticket and confirmation. 

As an event manager, customers can use the Salesforce to to easily check-in and check-out attendees, track attendance, and manage event capacity. GoMeddo Event Management is designed to handle high loads up to 50.000 bookers per day, ensuring that customers can sell tickets to even the largest events. 

Overall, GoMeddo Event Management simplifies event creation and management for customers, making it easy to sell tickets, manage attendees, and track event metrics. With its ease of use and robust functionality, customers can focus on planning and executing successful events.

To learn more about GoMeddo's Event Management and how it can benefit your organisation, reach out to our sales team!


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