Booker25 continues under the new name GoMeddo.

Booker25 is originally the booking application that enables organizations to simplify complex planning and booking issues in Salesforce. The application is used worldwide, well-known customers include Jaguar Landrover, ClubMed, Basic Fit and the Brunswick Corporation. Last summer, 2.5 million euros in capital was raised to accelerate international growth and product development. In order to properly convey the broader proposition of the platform, we continue under the new name GoMeddo from February 1, 2023.

GoMeddo and the on-demand economy

GoMeddo offers companies an answer to the question of how complex planning can be made simple in a CRM system. Matching customer information with resources to be planned, such as office spaces, sports facilities, vehicle fleet or activities, responds to the growing need of organizations and end users for efficiency and flexibility. In addition, the subscription economy continues to grow; consumers use services and products on an on-demand or subscription basis, where scheduling and user experience are both important. This market has grown worldwide from $73 billion in 2021 to an expected $120 billion in 2022 (Forbes). GoMeddo will also incorporate the functionality of the subscription management application Subscription25. This app will be fully embedded in GoMeddo.

Gijs Martens, CEO of GoMeddo

“We see the demand for smart digital solutions and integration options to build a digital platform only increasing.” Salesforce now has a global market share of more than 20% when it comes to CRM platforms and is by far the world market leader. Research shows that 87% of organizations that use Salesforce also install an officially certified app to further optimize the platform.

GoMeddo Business cycle

“We are responding to this with the further expansion of GoMeddo, because the economy is not only becoming more digital, but also more flexible. Servitization, on-demand economy and other usage-based business models are expanding rapidly. Just think of meal boxes, bicycle subscriptions, private lease options and flexible offices. Organizations with plannable healthcare such as private clinics and cosmetic surgeons also use the application. In all cases, you need an application that combines the power of Salesforce with the ability to make complex planning issues simple for customers and employees. Thanks to GoMeddo, the entire value chain of a business model can be supported on the Salesforce platform.”

Growth of GoMeddo

The investment in GoMeddo and the growth plans have also led to a significant expansion of the team. In addition to CEO Gijs Martens, Tim Schuitemaker will take on the role of managing director at GoMeddo and supervise the day-to-day management of the business unit. Tim was already working as CIO at Group25, the organization that also includes GoMeddo. In terms of sales capacity, the sales team has been expanded with several colleagues in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, and GoMeddo also works with a sales partner in the US.


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