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With Salesforce-native booking software tailored to your unique specifications to manage reservations of any type.

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The flexible business engine in Salesforce

Combine the flexibility and intelligence of GoMeddo with the power of Salesforce to create a full recurring business cycle in 5 steps:

1. Generate availability and options directly
Use the multi dimensional booking intelligence with unlimited variables of GoMeddo, to manage any kind of resource

2. Improve User Experience
Make selection and booking easy. Integrate GoMeddo on your website with a standard widget, event page or our web front-end components API. Generate QR-codes or e-tickets for easy access of customers

3. Drive revenue
Directly add payment options to bookings or offer a subscription or invoice.

4. Build 360 Customer Profile
Instantly use customer data in Salesforce CRM because GoMeddo is native Salesforce app. Create insights and performance dashboards

5. Create insights, (re)engage and target
Personalize offering and engage customers using usage data in 360 Salesforce view.


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