360 degree customer view with Salesforce, AWS and GoMeddo

From information in silos to connected workflows and information

Zoku believes that a community can achieve more together than alone, making good things possible. That’s why Zoku has expanded the concept of a hotel to a place where knowledge, ideas and people come together. In the Zoku Amsterdam hotel, the spaces have been designed with this philosophy in mind, so guests can feel at home, relax, work, enjoy, live. Every one of the details is intentional and their design is extraordinary.

Zoku is making headway with locations in Amsterdam, Vienna and Copenhagen. With this growth the need for more streamlined processes, more insight into customers and contracts and a central system with all B2B and B2C customer information became more urgent. A 360-degree customer view will help Zoku deliver great service, increase customer satisfaction and better segment their marketing activities.

Starting with a new reservation system

To streamline the sales process Zoku was looking for a flexible reservation system for managing the reservations for their Social Spaces, which include meeting rooms and co-working spaces. Because of Zoku’s current rapid growth, manually keeping track of all reservations was cluttered and no longer sufficient enough. GoMeddo, a Salesforce booking platform, manages all bookable meeting rooms and co-working spaces in a clear calendar overview.

Additional services such as food and beverages and audio-visual equipment can easily be added to each reservation. From GoMeddo, a quote can be generated in a convenient way, an efficient solution for all employees and ultimately also for their customers.

Since the use of GoMeddo, the productivity of the reservations department has increased by 30% and double bookings are a thing of the past. Zoku's flexible opening hours are easily set up in GoMeddo, and quotes are now made entirely through Salesforce and no longer need to be done manually.

“The flexibility, user-friendliness and speed of GoMeddo is precisely what we were looking for in a reservations system for Zoku’s meeting rooms. The people at GoMeddo completed the initial implementation from test to production in just two days and the team provides quick and reliable backup support as needed.” David Kijlstra, Commercial Manager

Manage Different Contracts in Salesforce with Subscription management

The Sales team has also made significant efficiency gains with the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and GoMeddo Subscription Management. In addition to B2C customers, Zoku also has B2B customers who, for example, make group reservations, these customers receive a B2B rate for the hotel rooms. The entire Sales process from opportunity to contract is tracked in Salesforce Sales Cloud, just like these rate agreements per customer.

Zoku B2C customers are called co-workers, they enter into a monthly contract with Zoku to use the co-working spaces. This monthly billing is facilitated in Salesforce by GoMeddo Subscription management. This allows customers to also pay the invoices online in the Portal. By integrating the on-site cash register system with Salesforce, all on-site expenses (such as lunch) are included on the same invoice, making the on-site experience easy and enjoyable for all co-workers and Zoku only needs to send one invoice per customer.

A full 360 degree customer view

To complete the full picture of the customer, the Property Management System (PMS) has been integrated with Salesforce to provide insight into all customer data surrounding the (hotel) reservation in Salesforce. When all information about the customer such as reservations of hotel rooms, reservations of meeting rooms or co-working spaces, all communication and of course the name and address data, a service employee has the tools available to deliver excellent service.

The implementation of this solution, including Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, is not only positive for these departments. All customer information is shared in Salesforce's ActiveCampaign, enabling the marketing team to target their campaigns in order to be as effective as possible and continue to support Zoku's growth.

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