Transforming VR Nederland: Achieving Excellence Through Data-Driven Efficiency and Innovation

VR Nederland, specialises in organizing VR events for corporate clients. On their mission to deliver excellent VR experiences, VR Nederland confronted a series of scheduling challenges that were affecting their efficiency.

The Challenge 

VR Nederland faced several operational challenges in efficiently managing their scheduling, workforce, and event equipment. Their existing processes were inefficient and prone to errors, making it difficult to track vital aspects of their business operations, including: Event Management, Workforce Management, Equipment Inventory and Hourly Registration

The Solution

With GoMeddo’s native Salesforce scheduling engine VR Nederland transformed its operations. 

Intuitive Interface for Effortless Event Scheduling

GoMeddo introduced a user-friendly interface that simplified the scheduling of VR events, bringing organization and efficiency to the forefront.

User-Friendly Calendar View

The platform's calendar view became a vital tool for preventing scheduling conflicts, ensuring smooth operations.

Automated Event Reminders and Notifications

GoMeddo's automated reminders and notifications improved client communication.

Resource Scheduling Module

VR Nederland now had a dedicated module to streamline worker allocation, ensuring that the right personnel were available for each event.

Automatic Shift Scheduling

Shifts were automatically scheduled based on worker availability and event requirements, optimizing workforce management.

Efficient Inventory Database for VR Equipment

GoMeddo provided a centralized inventory database, allowing VR Nederland to keep track of their VR equipment efficiently.

Equipment-Event Associations

VR Nederland could now associate equipment with specific events, ensuring availability and equipment condition for each event.

Alerts for Equipment Shortages and Maintenance

The platform generated alerts for equipment shortages and maintenance needs, allowing proactive management of VR equipment.

Robust Time-Tracking System

GoMeddo offered a comprehensive time-tracking system, ensuring precise recording of worker hours, resulting in accurate payroll processing and transparent hourly registration.

Reporting and Analytics

The platform provided reporting and analytics tools for data-driven decisions and continual workforce management improvement.

The Result

GoMeddo streamlined event management, workforce scheduling, equipment tracking, and hourly registration and enabled VR Nederland  to achieve efficient workforce management, precise equipment control, and accurate payroll processing while taking data driven decisions resulting in enhanced event quality and operational excellence.

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